HoleShot Slots



HoleShot Slots are a new group of racers that meet up with others who share the sport of drag racing. Entry into this league does not require prior experience. This is a low cost option to owning and racing full scale vehicles. Many in our group also run cars and motorcycles at the dragstrip but want to find an easy way to keep their skills sharp. For some it is a way to return to a hobby that brought us lots of great early life memories.

Our scale 1/4 mile drag strip is designed to be mobile so we can set up and race in many locations. Indoors work best but outdoor racing is in the near future. It takes about 30 minutes to get the track ready for runs. The deck our track sits on is 24 feet long. The powered raceway portion measures 20' 7"long. A small unpowered shut down section is at the end. Your cars roll to a stop or are caught by soft cloth after the finish line.

We will have loaner cars at the events for new comers to try. It is encouraged to buy your own car so you can tune and modify it as needed. Entry level cars cost around $20. Our custom controllers are attached to the track but you are welcome to use your own. If yours use standard alligator style clips they will attach. We are currently operating on 13.8 volts @ 2 amps and plan on adding a variable power supply in the near future to allow for hotter cars to operate at higher voltage and amperage levels. The track deck is made from 4 foot sections. If space is an issue at your location we can shorten the deck as needed.

Our races are conducted similar to professional drag racing events. You compete in similar classes so the speed is kept equal as possible. Your tuning and reaction time is what will govern the outcome of the race. A "Christmas Tree" is used to start the races. Full tree and Pro tree options are available. The winner gets the red light over his lane at the end of the track. A foul start by leaving before the green light will illuminate the red bulb at the Christmas Tree and you are eliminated. As the elimination's continue the final 2 remaining racers will run to decide the winner.

We are looking to form leagues that will meet at determined locations and dates to race and score points. Leagues will race against each other to decide who the quickest cars and drivers are in the area. As this grows we will conduct monthly and yearly championships. If you want to start a league in your local area contact us to see how this can be done.


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