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Class Rules and Regulations


Here are a few basic rules and regs that we are using at this time to start off the league. Check back often for updates and let us know what you would like to see added or changed in the future.


Race Classes

Sportsman Class: 13.8 V Stock cars, No mods. Full tree, same make/model

Comp Class: 18V Light Mods. Owner cars. Full tree, same make/model

Pro Class: 20V Medium Mods. Owner cars. Full tree, same make/model

Extreme Class: 24V Heavy Mods. Owner cars. Pro tree, Open class.

Sportsman Class will be the entry level. Loaner cars will race here. This is for those who do not own cars but want to see how it works. Owners may use personal cars as long as they are the same make and model.

Loaner Program- At the start of the event the Race Director will have 8 similar cars prepared to race. 8 racers will register to drive 1 of the cars. The cars are provided to the driver and assigned a number. That driver and number is posted onto the Elimination's board. Pairing can be decided by drivers or by drawing. Once the ladder is full racing begins. A short field race will use the bye method by drawing. Performance and operation of loaner cars are not guaranteed. The outcome of the race is final unless the race director calls a re-run due to track or procedure causes.

After a race is complete the Race Director will call the race good. Should there be a reason to re-run both cars will return to the start line.

Racer and car must be present when called to the start line. Failure to be race ready 2 minutes after call will DQ your car and score as an elimination.

Cars may run best of 3 in Rookie Class. Alternating lanes between runs.

Loaner cars must stay in pit box between rounds.

Owners cars should have number applied to car.

Rounds of elimination's continue until all racers have made at least 1 pass. 2 rounds of 8 (16) shall run as stacked ladders with the remaining 2 racers in the final.

Minimum clearance to track/rail surface .020 inches.

Cars must have bodies.

All 4 wheels must touch the track surface.

Any fluids on track from your car may DQ your run.

No additives may be applied to track.

Motors, arms, mags may not be replaced during competition unless equivalent items are used and approved by race director.

Any protests must be filed with the race director before the start of the next run, or end of round.

Race director has final ruling at all events. Good attitude and sportsmanship is mandatory.


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